Pete Martin

QA Operations

Pete Martin, BSc in Chemistry, is a Quality Assurance (QA) professional who is responsible for the overall maintenance of QA operations. Mr. Martin has extensive experience in developing and establishing complete Food Safety, Microbiological, Analytical and HACCP Programs.

Previously, Pete Martin has improved & built QA Programs in Water Bottling, Fresh Fruit and Vegetables and in Fish processing over the past 7 years. This has been a process of both tweaking and reworking existing programs, or the wholesale construction of entire new programs and directions. This has all involved the implementation of GMP and HACCP philosophy into production environments.

These programs were the implementation of both GMP and HACCP Programs into the production areas. The goal in all cases was to move towards SQF certification and compliance. A level of certification to a globally recognized program, or even a move towards this has the net effect of improved efficiencies and effectiveness of programs, but a positive effect on the quality of the final product.

Throughout his 30+-year career in QA, Mr. Martin has used varying types of Gas Chromatographs, spectrophotometers, densitometers, colourimeters, pH meters, microscopes and numerous other types of Laboratory equipment.

Mr. Martin has worked with varying levels of direct and indirect reports, the maximum number being 11. Mr. Martin has found, that by providing a positive work environment the results of mentoring can often be profound on lab staff and supervisory personnel.

Over the span of his 30+ years QA career, Mr. Martin has experienced the changes from Quality Control, to Quality Assurance, the introduction of Statistical Process Control and now the movement towards a Quality Service function, serving multi areas of facilities and production as a customer base with varied requirements.

Mr. Martin has experienced audits (>20) at various levels, both by 3rd party auditors, as well as federal, provincial and municipal governments. These have covered the range of Food Safety and Security, Waste Water. Agencies have been, Canadian Food Insoection Agency (CFIA), Worksafe BC, Metro Vancouver, City of Richmond, A.I.B., NSF, Steritech and Guelph Food Technologies.

As a QA Operations Consultant for Phytosciences, Mr. Martin ensures that each facility adheres to current good laboratory practices pursuant to regulatory statutes, strict QC procedures are implemented from a microbiological perspective, and guides the development of the infrastructure for the cannabis testing laboratory. Mr. Martin works with the Phytosciences cannabis product development team to develop a full R&D program, structure clinical trials and generate peer-reviewed data from a QA perspective.