Ryan McAllister, M.S.

Data Analytics

Ryan McAllister, M.S. Pharmacology and Toxicology (with emphasis in Virology) and B.S. in Biochemistry is a skilled research scientist in virology, molecular biology, bioinfomatics, primary cell culture, isolation of RNA, DNA and protein from in vivo and in vitro samples.

Mr. McAllister graduated in 2010 with a degree in Biochemistry from Northern Michigan University. While at the university he served as the sole organic chemistry tutor for two years and his primary research project involved determining caffeine concentrations in energy products using analytical methods such as HPLC. He also gained experience working with molecular modeling, physical chemistry, and inorganic chemistry.

Ryan McAllister's M.S. thesis project at the University of Louisville involved developing a new primary lung endothelial cell culture model system to investigate hantavirus infection, adaptation and evolution (Titled: "Development of Models for the Study of the Molecular Mechanisms of Host Restriction and Adaptation of Hantavirus"). From this he developed the skill to conduct next generation sequence analysis and Sanger sequencing analysis. Mr. McAllister's research involved working with a risk group level 3 agent and all his work was conducted in a Bio Safety Level 3 laboratory, in which he has underwent extensive training and clearances (through the FBI and DOD). Furthermore, Mr. McAllister has presented at American Society for Virology national conference and has published his findings in Future Medicine, PLOS ONE, and Journal of Virology.